Within the global market of hair colour, Abby Smith has made waves throughout the industry. A purveyor of hair colouring as an art form, she is recognised as one of the most technically talented artists in the game. Developing her own personalised, authentic style to hair in all its forms, her expertise sees her consulting on creative projects for some of the world’s leading fashion brands, advertising groups and major hair product companies.


Celebrating 25 years in the industry, with a career which has seen her in demand globally, particularly across Europe and the UK. Her work has been featured across the media spectrum, including countless global colour and care campaigns for Wella Professionals and System Professional.


Abby broke new ground by becoming the first colourist in the world to join the Wella Professionals global design team in Geneva (by invitation), as Global Colour Specialist. Since 2014, Abby consistently received multiple recognitions in both the UK and the Netherlands, including UK’s BHA and Creative Head awards ‘Top 5 Hair Colourist’ and Coiffure Awards ‘Top 10 Colourist’ (NL).


Since establishing herself in Amsterdam, Abby has grown and maintained her own personal following of clientele, colouring for some of the Netherland’s top models, actresses and fashion designers. It wasn’t long until she was headhunted by the Dutch powerhouse, Sjenkels, where she inspired and educated the staff of 20 salons as Global Colour Director and Technical Education Director. 


Abby now shares her experience and passion for hair colour via her own education company, ‘Abby Smith Colour Education’ developing and inspiring the next generation of professionals. Seeing a gap between client needs and training content, her goal is to help professionals translate advanced social media imagery into simple and practical delivery techniques, making them “salon friendly” and ultimately, time and cost-effective.


Her innovative approach to education is unique within the industry. Achieved by crafting her own set of rules towards uniting cutting edge trends, with simplified, people-centred teaching methods. Proving true versatility as a teacher, Abby operates various environments, from Wella educational studios, bespoke in-salon appointments, to online webinars and mentoring, worldwide. 

Abby, living the profession she adores, utilises her skills and experience to manage an

ever-growing educational concept, which in her first year alone has benefited the careers of over a hundred young professionals and rising stars. With on-going demand and the growing momentum of her courses, Abby Smith’s techniques towards colouring methods will help create a new standard within the industry.